Types of Biological Cancer Immunotherapy


  • Alternative Medicines - Chinese herbs, dietary supplements and homeopathic medicines. These are often used as supplements to traditional medicine or when traditional medicine has failed.

  • Biologicals - Pharmaceutical grade products developed by biotechnology/drug companies that are clinically tested and require government approval/clearance for marketing.

Within the field of biologicals there are three main categories of immunotherapy; passive, active and combination immunotherapy.

Passive immunotherapies do not rely on the body to attack the disease; passive immunotherapies employ immune system components (such as antibodies) created outside of the body to destroy the cancer cells.

Active immunotherapies stimulate the body's own immune system to fight the tumor.

Combination immunotherapy, is a class of immunotherapy drugs that possess both active and passive elements of activity.

Within these categories are the following types of immunotherapies:
  o Passive Immunotherapy  
  Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs): monoclonal antibodies are now being used to deliver toxic drugs or radioactive isotopes directly to the site of the antigen often the tumor cells, further limiting the toxicity associated with these drugs  
> Limitations of mAbs  
  o Active Immunotherapy  
  Cancer Vaccines  
> Limitations of Cancer Vaccines  
  Cellular Therapies  
> Limitations of Cellular Therapies as Cancer Immunotherapies  
> Limitations of Adjuvant Immunotherapies  
  o Investigational Combination Immunotherapy  
  Multikine (Leukocyte Interleukin, Injection)*  


* Multikine is the trademark that CEL-SCI has registered for this investigational therapy, and this proprietary name is subject to FDA review in connection with our future anticipated regulatory submission for approval. Multikine has not been licensed or approved by the FDA or any other regulatory agency. Neither has its safety or efficacy been established for any use. Lastly, no definitive conclusions can be drawn from these early-phase, clinical-trials data involving the investigational therapy Multikine (Leukocyte Interleukin, Injection). Further research is required, and early-phase clinical trial results must be confirmed in the well-controlled, Phase III clinical trial of this investigational therapy that is currently in progress.